Sunday, 26 June 2016

The week in review 7 (fortnightly edition)

Been an eventful week here in the UK (to put it mildly!)

Furthermore as I messed up last week today am covering the big news of the past two weeks. Thankfully this week has been a bit quieter than the previous one.

Biggest news then this past fortnight were the successful launches by SpaceX and Blue Origin. I followed the first launch with some speculation on Falcon 9v2.

Also Virgin posted an update, and Stratolaunch released more info (still nothing on their rocket though),

Jeff Bezos was awarded a prize (which Elon Musk has also won, maybe they could have a duel with the swords presented to them!),

Thoughts on Aerospace planes,

NewSpace 2016 conference took place (have watched some of the coverage but been a bit preoccupied)

Finally in related news, Tesla Motors (Biggest shareholder Elon Musk) is attempting to take over Solar city (Biggest shareholder Elon Musk)

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