Sunday, 12 June 2016

The week in review 6

After catching up from the previous week on Monday, has been a bit of a quiet week.

I posted a bit of speculation on future suborbital tourist vehicles, then a video Masten, practically the last firm standing that's not backed by a billionaire. I have a post I'm still drafting on this which hopefully will be done next week...

In other news, BAE systems showed yet again how they are unable to build anything on time, budget and that actually works with a type 45 destroyer breaking down in the gulf. This editorial has more details on the MOD's inability to old contractors to account and get value for money.

In addition more details are coming out on SpaceX's Mars plans:

By the next launch window, in 2020, Musk said the company would aim to fly at least two Falcon Heavy rockets and Dragon spacecraft, loaded with experiments. “By that time there will be quite a few organizations … that are interested in running experiments on Mars,” he said.
Then in 2022, Musk said he hoped to launch what the company now sometimes refers to as the Mars Colonial Transporter, designed to bring a colony to Mars.

Linking was this piece on the long term issues we need to resolve for colonisation to become a reality,

A good update on the small launcher scene and what this means for Orbital ATK,

A good summary of suborbital research's new renaissance,

Finally, making spacecraft out of asteroids? Paging Greg Bear....

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