Sunday, 29 May 2016

The week in review 5

Busy week for me, the school term ended and with and my contract at the school I'd been at for the last 5 weeks. I did work as a different school for 3 days and was hoping to be booked until the school year ends but it was not to be.

Was a busy week in space too, with a number of events, including;

India's suborbital  RLV test,

Orbital ATK's plans,

an update from Blue Origin,

and more info on XS-1 (and additional details here)

An additional positive story was the Expansion of Bigelow' BEAM module at the ISS (on the second attempt),

I also found another new UK Small launcher, Horizon's Black Arrow 2 (Should really be using High Test Peroxide-HTP-  with that name!),

and an interesting article from Space New's magazine on Red Dragon.

Speaking of SpaceX, one he biggest stories this week was of course was latest launch, making a total of 3 barge landings in a row.

In sadder news it appears XCOR's Lynx space plane is dead (for now, but am not optimistic it will every fly at this date. XCOR has been going pretty much since I first started to follow RLV development so it a real shame.

Also this week Planetary Resources cancelled their Kickstarter funded space selfie telescope (which I had donated to. In more positive news they did raise money for a new Earth observation system.

And fnally, a cool poster showing every vehicle in the US military.

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