Thursday, 26 May 2016

A couple of Mars movies coming this year

Just stumbled upon these two trailers this evening.

First up Approaching the unknown, about an astronaut (played by Mark Strong) on a one man, one way mars mission:
A mission like this seems unrealistic but could be a good psychological/character study. Hab design seems realistic, bit it looses a point for using stock footage of a Delta II as a launcher though.

Second is Second is The Space Between Us, a romantic drama about a teenage boy born on Mars visiting Earth and falling in love (blurgh)

Apart from the infeasibility of an astronauts pregnancy not being notice prior to launch  and that the boy seems normal sized despite growing up in reduced gravity, the space aspects look good, with SpaceX Dragons and Sierra Nevada's Dreamchaser visible in the trailer. Not sure will go see though (unless on a date...)

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